The Only Sport That Matters

I get asked often do I exercise and lift weights to prepare for participation in other “real” sports. My response is always the same. Weight lifting is a “real” sport. Actually one of the few “real” sports. Let me explain.

Since the assumption is that I am training for another sport, my other sport probably involves competition against another entity, hence the reason I am training, to gain an advantage. I need an advantage because in this sport I must be training for, there will be a score kept, and at some point in time we will say the competition is over and the individual or team with the best score “wins”. I mean that IS what sports are, right? Play, keep score, win or lose. I can not think of a sport where that isn’t the objective.

I play golf. Very poorly, but I play. Very difficult individual sport. Me against the course. Me against my playing partners. I make a terrible swing and hit a crazy duck hook off the tee that hits a tree and bounces into the middle of the fairway. I make a rare perfect swing and hit a beautiful high fade and the ball lands in the middle of the fairway and rolls to a stop inside a three inch deep divot. This is sport? You can use any team or individual competition out there and they all have these forces at work.

Weight lifting is black and white. No grey areas. No luck. No time table. No excuses. No funny bounces of the ball. No wind assists. No bad calls from the ref. No home field advantage. No equipment advantages. And most importantly of all, the only opponent anyone ever needs.


You want to keep score? How about this: a 100 lbs today will be the same as a 100 lbs tomorrow and forever. Lift it today. Can you lift it the next time you try? You want time frames for the competition? Fine. Could you lift it a year ago? Can you now? You see there’s no hoping tomorrow’s opponent is easier, or that you’re the home team and you’re hitting down wind on 18. There’s no blaming the refs, I was good but my teammates stink and damn that 10 pin tap. Live with that.

So the next time you see someone lifting weights and taking it serious, and you wonder what sport they are training for, know this. The only sport that matters. Their life.

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