Sporting Events for Winter

It seems that most major American sports are played in the winter time. Basketball and hockey are two of the biggest examples of this, as they both begin in the fall months and last throughout the entire winter. Because so many sports last during the winter months, there is a plethora of winter sporting events to be seen. These range from single games, such as hockey or basketball games, to major multi-sport events that are sometimes spread over entire week-long periods. Two examples of such large events would be the Winter Olympics and the Winter X games. While these are not the only sports events that happen in the winter, they are some of the biggest, and the most popular.

The Winter Olympics is one of the most popular winter events in the entire world. Over 80 countries now participate in 15 major Olympic winter sports. While this is one of the largest winter-time sports events, it is not always a practical choice for attending, as it is only held every four years – each time in a different country.

If people are looking to attend a major event that is comparable to the Winter Olympics, but cannot afford international travel, their best choice is most certainly the Winter X Games. This massive sporting event hosts a large number of extreme winter sports and is held annually in the United States. Each year, attendees can expect to see the world’s greatest athletes compete in the most extreme winter sports such as snowboarding, skiing, and snowmobiling.