“Win Or Die” – A Eulogy For Playing in the America Youth Sports Culture

Winning is the cornerstone of athletic culture! In athletics, you strive to improve your skills as an individual and team so when you meet up with the opposition, your skills and abilities are superior to theirs. This notion of winning in competition transcends sport in many competitive western cultures. Sports can be a powerful tool to teach youngsters about winning, losing, discipline, commitment, and competition, all attributes that can be applied to many aspects of one’s life. But at what point in a youngster’s athletic career, should “winning” be introduced as primary criteria for success in sports? Does Vince Lombardi’s quote, “Winning isn’t everything, its’ the only thing” apply to the 7 year old we usher into “competitive” soccer leagues? The 6 year old participating in international golf tournaments?

America is developing a youth athletic culture that neglects skill development in favor of a “might makes right” approach by putting too large an emphasis on winning at too young an age. If you doubt the validity of this statement, look at the majority of our professional athletes in nearly every sport in America. These athletes represent the most elite in their given sport. Most of them are foreign born and developed, coming here to cash in. In international sports, the only sport we maintain a stronghold on is American Football. This is from a country that has more youth sports participants than any other country in the world and a heterogeneous DNA that should produce superior athletic specimens. Our youth athletic development system is broken due to our blind, near fruitless ambitions to create champions out of our youngsters.

This is probably the part where your eyes roll in assumption that I’m one of these “don’t play dodge ball because someone’s feelings might get hurt” people that gives trophies out to youngsters like orange slices. I can assure you, I am quite the opposite. The PROBLEM is that kids don’t play dodge ball anymore. The PROBLEM is that we try to create a “winner” even when there isn’t one! I aim to create an athletic force that is MORE competitive on the international front. In order to do this however, we have to let the kids PLAY!!! Our overzealous attempts to organize and create criteria-based competition too early in a youngster’s athletic career is not supported by any research, theories of childhood development, or empirical scenarios from anywhere in the world. It’s based on delusions of grandeur, the college scholarship carrot-on-a-stick, and our blind, ethnocentric American sports culture. I agree if you are a parent in America, you have very little choice than to buy into what we have created. If your child doesn’t start competing very young, they may miss opportunities as they age. What is competition, however, in the pre-pubescent American sports world? Anyone familiar with this institution knows that the “best” athlete on the field nearly always is the most physically mature. They are further along in the growth curve than the others, therefore, are faster and stronger. Notice I made no mention of actual skill execution. These athletes are considered the “good” athletes and are rewarded with better playing opportunities on better teams, with better coaches. Coaches know their job depends on their ability to create winning teams and these winning teams are created by recruiting as many hyper matured kids as possible. Notice I still haven’t mentioned anything about actual skill development. In competitive youth athletics, the best basketball team has the tallest player, the best soccer team has the fastest player, and the best baseball team has the pitcher with ZZ Top inspired facial hair at age 12. Doesn’t the notion of “winning” suggest that the team with the superior tactical abilities, i.e. skill, should emerge victorious? Isn’t that the entire “point” of athletic competition? Are these “winners” actually mastering the sport, or just a Darwinian race for physical dominance?

In other countries, youth are often institutionalized for athletics at a young age. We scoff at this notion in the Free World because we would never want to infringe on a youngsters care-free childhood. Let me ask you this. When was the last time you saw a group of youngsters playing a “care-free” game of sandlot baseball? Backyard soccer? Chasing a Frisbee? Can’t recall? It’s because the notion of “care-free” athletic play is nearly extinct in our youth. I have researched the Canadian, Polish, and former Soviet Union institutionalized youth development programs. While these countries may institutionalize their youth (which I am not in support of), they don’t let them compete in organized competition often until they are 14 or 15. Prior to this, youngsters are assessed and they do play games, but competition serves as a showcase for acquired skill. Skill execution is the primary criteria for success. This creates an environment in which every youth, regardless of where they are on the maturation curve, must strive to develop advanced game-related skill. Early maturing youth aren’t just viewed as successful by “bowling over” the less mature athletes. Combining advanced physical capability with high level tactical skill is what creates champions when it counts. More importantly, these countries address the importance of “play”. Unstructured games in which the youth are able to experiment with newly acquired skills without worrying about achieving monitored criteria. Play helps youngsters develop a “6th sense” in regards to game tactics. Child development researchers coin “play” as the most influential factor in creating athletically related motor capabilities. We are slowly squeezing play out of our developmental programs for youth.

Our “gladiator” approach to developing athletes is acknowledged around the world. Anyone who is familiar with international competition knows America’s reputation for producing raw athleticism and limited skill. Game tactics are often secondary to speed and strength. The more refined the skill required for the sport, the more difficulty we have in producing international champions. Look at the sport that America dominates, American Football. While specific game tactics such as position assignments require refined skill sets, raw athleticism is one of the most significant factors in creating high level football players. Consider a sport like soccer however that requires a high level of tactical skill. We are an international non-factor.

So, now what? As a parent, you and your child are already indoctrinated into the system. It’s the system America has chosen, and we have to live by it to a degree. My suggestion is simple, patience. Be patient with your young athlete. While the institution is hell-bent on “right now” it doesn’t mean you have to be. Be smarter than that. Educate others. Research has shown no correlation between the best athlete on a team at age 12 and at age 18. Anyone experienced in working with youth knows that most pre-pubescent superstars burn out by the end of high school and often drop out of sports all together. Focus first and foremost on your child’s overall skill development. Stay consistent. Make sure they enjoy what they are doing. Make sure they goof around and play. You can actually exploit our broken system’s weakness by employing this patience and long-term consistency. Seek educated, knowledgeable, INTELLIGENT professionals that are above this broken system as a resource. How do you know if a professional is “above the system”? Test them by telling them you want sport specific training for your 10 year old. If they do anything besides educate you on the importance of overall development, run the other way! Let the others get injured and burned out. Empower your child to be a champion when it counts.

Sports Cars

Stylish, sexy, sleek, streamlined, spirited and speed demon are all words used to describe sports cars, which are essentially two-door automobiles that are designed for high speeds, great power and smashing good looks. The manufacture of the modern-day sports car began only after 1945, when the economy started booming, technology developed dramatically and better roads were being built. They came in various shapes like convertibles, roadsters, coupes, grand tourers and sedans. Sports-car lovers are either devoted to timeless classics that have been souped up for current times, or are trendsetters looking for the latest kind of exotic car.

From powerful purring beauties like the Mercedes Benz SLK 350 to thundering thrillers like the Ford Mustang V-8, you can choose a sports car that matches your personality. In fact, sports cars are as much about personality as they are about performance – smooth aerodynamic bodies of carbon fiber, chrome pipes and fittings, rich leather upholstery, wide wheels, shiny wooden panels and snazzy paint jobs.

Different brands of sports cars adopt different principles of design. Some cars may be light in order to achieve greater acceleration, others may boast of extremely powerful engines for better car handling and performance, while still others may stress safety and comfort rather than style. The majority of contemporary sports cars have front-wheel drives as opposed to rear-wheel drives, which were more common in the earlier generation of sports cars. Many cars also have the engine in the center, driving the rear wheels, which is unique to sports cars. In these cars, the engine is placed behind the driver, at the middle of the chassis. Porsche is the only sports car that has the engine mounted at the rear, driving the rear wheels. This aspect is a crucial part of car design, as it affects the maneuverability or handling of the car, which is critical at high speeds.

The most well known brands today are Ferrari, Porsche, Lotus, Lamborghini, Bugatti, Aston Martin, Alfa Romeo, Maserati and Triumph. Companies which manufacture other cars also make some sports models; prominent among these are Ford, Toyota, Honda, Chevrolet, Mitsubishi, Mazda, and Nissan. Today, the design and manufacture of sports cars is becoming more specialized and competitive, with newer, more attractive designs and a higher degree of technical sophistication being utilized.

The Focal Information About Winning at Sports Betting

At the present time sports betting is exceptionally for many individuals. Within sports betting, you may gamble on football, hockey, tennis, golf, basketball, soccer, swimming, cycling tournaments, handball, golf, skiing, ski jumping, ice skating and much more. At this point I would like to present some information concerning how to be successful at sports betting.

1. You should select the appropriate Sports Book

You can select the sports book where they accept only sports so that you can bet on your favorite team.

There are a small number of online sports book which makes it uncomplicated to gain revenue. The payout and payment procedure is faster than any other online websites. This process is free and you don’t need to be charged for it.

According to some investigation and research, some figures propose that inserting bets with the accurate sports book resolve and create a great dissimilarity. This will amplify the odds and choices of increasing the odds of succeeding in the game.

2. Perform your training

Prior to inserting your first stake and wage, be certain to revise the play, the sports teams, the players and moreover circumstances that may play a significant role in the play. The superior and great method to win in sports gambling is to investigate various aspects and do research completely in order to win the game.

3. Stake or Wager Underdog

Which one of these are people’s favorites? Bet underdog or preferred (favorite) game? The people adore gambling on their favorites. According to the statistics, it’s a better and a great thought to gamble on an underdog!

All you need to do is to investigate for receiving more knowledge on betting. When you know how to gamble on an underdog, you will possibly win the game! When you have the perfect knowledge of this strategy, you can place a greatly far above the ground rate and value on a game.

4. Gamble at the Right instance

You should always remember to put your bet as adjacent as possible to the time of event. Timing has always played a crucial and focal role in online sports betting! You see many things can happen right before the closure and at the final minutes, a player can get sick or hurt or the data can turn around on you. These extraordinary things can boost the excitement. That is why people love this type of gambling.

5. Be Enduring, Serene and Tolerant

This is very significant for you to be enduring and patient. I know there will be a lot of nerve and doubts going on as you put your money on something and you expect to win. However if you are impatience it may do the trick on you and you can lose control

It is better to stay in focus. You should keep in mind that you do not need to gamble every week. This is where most people do mistake; they bet on weekly basis and hope to win. I think they are throwing away their money.

6. Supervise and manage your money

Do not spend more money than your budget. If you choose $20 at a post gambling, if you lose, it won’t hurt you that much. Bear in mind not to pay more than your financial ability.

7. Become skilled at gambling and replicate from successful betting experts

Another tips are to follow what the other successful gamblers do and if they success, try to replicate their tactics. Try to study them how they do it.

Baseball – A Sport for Which Trading Pins Are Very Popular

If you are a huge sports fan then you should know the importance of owning and sporting the very unique trading pin of your favorite sports team or even sporting event. Every sports team has a special uniform and a sports pin forms part of this uniform because it completes the attire of the team and it differentiates them from other members of other sports teams. These pins were initially worn only by the members of a particular sports teams or participants in a major sports tournament. Today sports trading pins are immensely popular among fans of the team they consider it a matter of pride and honor to be seen wearing the pin of the team they support.

Baseball pins are very much loved and exchanged in a baseball crazy country like the United States although they might not get too much attention anywhere else in the world. Baseball is loved in the country and there are many baseball leagues and baseball teams for each province, district or even state. Various national based baseball events are held and every baseball team worth its name orders for special trading pins along with the uniform, caps, shoes and other sports attire and equipment. Baseball pins for every team, season can be availed and the fans of these teams make sure they are wearing these pins to show their support for their team and also to cheer them at tournaments.

Baseball is not the only sport which has exclusive pins for. Other sports like basketball, swimming, soccer, tennis, softball, hockey and even cricket have fans trading pins in a big way. These pins can even be made for special sporting events like Wimbledon, The US Open, the Cricket World Cup or even the FIFA Soccer World Cup.

All players participating in these sporting events have to wear these pins and players like to add these pins to their collection just to show others how many sporting events they have been part of. Some big time fans can travel across the world to be part of a sporting event and such fans also love to collect trading pins of these sporting events as a souvenir for them being present at that time.

Baseball pins grew in popularity after the Little League Baseball Tournament held in 1983 in which they become a craze and millions of baseball fans were seen sporting them. These pins are sought after fans of the game or of a particular team and some fans even go to the extent of paying any amount of money to acquire one such trading pin. There are pins which are completely original and they are either given out or sold by the team managements to fans for publicity. Like all things develop cheaper alternatives, so have trading pins. You can even find cheap imitates of original baseball pins in the market and some of these are so precise that you can hardly make out the difference.

Baseball trading pins and their exchange is a huge business in all major baseball loving parts of the United States.

Tax Breaks for Sports Franchises

There is often much discussion as to whether or not sports franchises should receive tax breaks and incentives for building a new facility in a particular city. Often times, and rightfully so, there is much opposition to this concept.

Many people believe that because sports figures receive huge salaries and incentives for playing, the industry has plenty of money and doesn’t need tax payer assistance. Many believe that the fans should pay for any new stadium as they are the ones who will be benefiting from it. Most often the opinions vary depending on whether or not the individual is a sports fan.

If you look at a sports franchise as a business, which in today’s world, that is the way it needs to be addressed, one begins to realize that most states and municipalities give some sort of tax break for large industries to locate in the area. Often times, the revenue received from not only sports teams but industries as well, far out weigh the revenue lost in tax dollars.

There are many arguments both supporting and against this. Many people believe no business or corporation should receive tax breaks or special funding. This idea of giving tax breaks for businesses was born in the 1970’s. Many companies were being regulated and taxed to death in the northern states, mainly Michigan. Southern states began to realize they could offer a better and more competitive business environment by their already lower taxes and costs of doing business.

Soon the idea caught on, and a competition arose as to which state could give the better deal. It gained a lot of momentum and today it has almost gotten out of hand. Looking back, this whole problem was only created because local and state governments got greedy and kept killing the goose that laid the golden egg.

The idea of sports franchises receiving incentives for staying or moving to a particular city sprang from this movement. Soon teams were demanding new stadiums that weren’t needed, and huge tax incentives besides.

Things are starting to turn around, in some instances, sports teams can no longer hold a city hostage. there have been several examples where a team threatened to move their franchise if a new stadium wasn’t built, the city refused, and no other city could be found to fail into the trap. As a result, the team stayed where they are and forced to play in a facility that is barely 30 years old.

I, myself am a huge sports fan, however, I believe that if the ancient Egyptians could build pyramids to last thousands of years,I think a sports team should be able to suffer through the hardship of playing in a facility that is only 30 years old. Maybe tax breaks are a good idea, but let’s not waste our hard earned money building facilities we really don’t need.

Are You Looking For NFL Sports Betting Sites Online?

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Much to your surprise, the NFL online sports betting gives you the chance to obtain fair lines. So, unlike your local bookies that know they can railroad you on a betting line for the reason that they have recognized your betting on the hometown favorite or that they are the only sports book available in town, the online-based National Football League sports betting provides betting lines that are similar. They don’t even bang you with a one side square point spread. Now, if you are really interested to know where exactly online you can bet on your favorite football team, consider the following sport books. These sport books are said to be two of the largest National Football League online sports betting sites available.

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Baseball: The Only Sport That Reflects Real Life

Every spring the “Boys of Summer” celebrate the “Great American Pastime.” As I watched the Padres and Dodgers duke it out today, I was struck by the similarity between baseball and the way our society works.

Perhaps that’s why, as other sports gain in popularity, baseball still retains its popularity and historic significance after 100 plus years. It reflects each of us and how we live our lives.

“It’s as American as “mom and apple pie.” One of the most famous baseball comedy bits of all time is, “Who’s On First” by the comedy team of Abbott and Costello.

Baseball and life

Baseball, like life, has no clock. No time limit or “sudden death” overtime. You know there is an end to the game, but never exactly when… just like life. You might be way behind in the score, given a death sentence, but can rally and come back to survive another inning or even win in the end. In baseball, like life, we often fight the hardest in the last inning of the game.

Balls and Strikes

In baseball, like life, you get multiple chances to succeed. During nine innings you should get four at bats, and you get four balls and three strikes and whole bunch of foul balls. I think it’s interesting that if you fail to hit safely 70% of the time you can end up in the hall of fame. As in life, we often have many more failures than successes. But in baseball, like life, it’s those failures that make us better and stronger to be a better competitor the next day.

Individuals and Teams

In baseball, like life, you can excel individually and you can also excel as part of a team. Tinker to Evers to Chance was a famous double play trio of Chicago Cubs infielders. Shortstop Joe Tinker, second baseman Johnny Evers, and first baseman Frank Chance turned their first double play in 1902 and became immortalized in poem.

Signing a big client in life is akin to hitting one out of the park and winning the big game – an individual effort. Marketing, advertising and sales teams all working together can have a winning season or a very profitable year – a team effort.


In baseball, like life, we are sometimes asked to make sacrifices for the good of the group. In baseball the sacrifice bunt is used to advance the runners. A sacrifice fly with less than two outs can score a runner from third base. Parents may do without many material things to save for their children’s education. Sometimes you do the work and someone else gets the glory.


In baseball, like life, there are policeman. Baseball’s policemen are the umpires. Unlike life, umpires are exposed to stealing quite often. Stealing bases is not only OK, but encouraged in baseball. And, like the police in real life, they sometimes miss a call and call someone out who was actually safe. But that’s life and why we love baseball.


Last, but not least, in baseball, like life, you score when the opposing team controls the ball. In life, we find ourselves trying to achieve greatness while others control the ball at our workplace, school, or military service. Sometimes it does seem like the other team truly wants you to fail. And, sometimes at work, or in society, it may seem everyone is out to get you.

But, in baseball, like life, those who succeed in either, find a way to overcome the obstacles placed before them. Hitting the baseball or hitting the books can both brings success.

So when I wake up each morning and look my workday in the eye, a little voice inside yells, “PLAY BALL!”

Not Only Sport – Golf and Much More

Those who have a passion for golf, for example, can pass without problems from a golf course to the relaxation area of an exclusive hotel, combining different but complementary types of activity.

Golf is a sport that can be easily inserted in different travel packages, and it is easy to find hotels and travel offers which have just be conceived for those who love this sport, or who would like to golf during their holiday, when they have more free time, or who do not want to give up sport even when they are on holiday.

The commonest offers are the ones that combine golf and wellness: the best choice if you wish to spend a lot of time on a golf course and then take a rest in a place that could not be more relaxing than that, with massages, body care and saunas. Completing the 18 holes course can be also very tiring, above all if you do that in summer, with sun beating down on your head, but you do that with more pleasure if you know that at the end you can enjoy special relaxing treatments. And the advantages deriving from this kind of holidays are not only for golf lovers, but also for their travel partners, who might not be interested in playing golf, but who can wait for the golfer to come back while enjoying a massage or relaxing in a Turkish bath. These are variegated holidays, which meet everybody’s needs making you spend a pleasant holiday with other people, although the tastes and expectations of your travel partners are different from yours. If you want to experience a holiday combining sport and wellness, golf and beauty farm, you can choose Italy (form the north to the south you are spoilt for choice), or also other countries: there are excellent offers in Croatia, for example.

However, beauty farm and golf is not the only combination to be appreciated: another option that many travelers love is golf and cruise. A cruise on the Mediterranean sea, for example, is always a wonderful experience, which gives you the chance to sail and swim in beautiful seas, to stop in historical cities, and to enjoy breathtaking landscapes, but some travel packages that have especially been conceived for sportspeople offer even more than that: you can sail on the Mediterranean sea and train in beautiful ships, equipped with simulators that replicate the game, and when you are on land you can go to the golf courses and play. The cities where these ships stop, indeed, are not only famous for their landscapes and for the artistic, historical and cultural heritage they preserve, but also for their golf courses.

Combining sport and relaxation, romantic cruise and golf is possible: you only need to choose the best offer for you and get ready o spend a veritable unique and complete holiday.

Gatorade As a Sports Drink

The idea of ingesting something to enhance performance is nothing new. However, being careful of what you put into your body and making sure you have the correct beverage for what your body needs is pretty important. As an athlete, would your benefit more from an energy drink or a sports drink? As a college student under a deadline, which would be better for you? Here is a brief history of the two types of beverages and the benefits of both.

Gatorade as a Sports Drink
Formulated in 1965 by a team of researchers at the University of Florida College of Medicine, Gatorade was one of the first nationally recognized sports energy drinks. Florida Gators head football coach Ray Graves requested the college look into creating a beverage that would re-hydrate the football players while they practiced in the hot Florida weather. Earliest versions of this beverage were made of a mixture of water, sodium, sugar, potassium, phosphate and lemon juice.

After the Florida Gators football team won the 1967 Orange Bowl they credited Gatorade with helping them win, causing the athletic community to stand up and take notice. Shortly after, the National Football League entered into a licensing agreement to make Gatorade the official sports drink of the NFL. After introducing Gatorade commercially, the manufacturers began testing new flavors and replacing a banned sweetener.

Gatorade Thirst Quencher was the original commercial Gatorade product, and it only came in lemon-lime or orange flavors for nearly 20 years until fruit punch was introduced in 1983. In 1988, Michael Jordan stated that Citrus Cooler was his favorite Gatorade flavor and thus began a 10-year endorsement deal. Gatorade was entrenched as the leader in sports drinks for serious athletes and those who wanted to emulate serious athletes.

Gatorade has expanded and rebranded numerous times over the years, and they are no longer the only sports drink on the market. With the introduction of energy drinks that offer caffeine and are not target at athletes, there is a whole new line of specialty beverages quickly emerging.

Energy Drinks
In 1997, Red Bull was introduced in the United States. It was one of the first beverages that was sold as a drink that amped up energy. Typically, the energy drink market is geared toward young people, with well over half the consumers under age 35. College students loved the idea of having something help them stay awake and finish classwork. The mixture of sugar and caffeine stimulate the body to alertness and stamina that are an alternative to coffee drinks and sodas.

It soon became a party staple where patrons would use Red Bull as a mix-in with alcohol believing it would give them more energy to be able to party all night. As a legal stimulant with large doses of caffeine, it was a dangerous game to mix it with alcohol which is a depressant. This cocktail is also very dehydrating. At the time it rose to popularity, however, any negative impact it had on a person’s health had not really been truly established yet. Other energy drinks soon joined the market including Rockstar and Monster Energy Drink.

Comparing Energy Drinks to Sports Drinks
Sports drinks are specifically designed to replenish fluids lost during activity, thereby enhancing energy levels and allowing the drinker to maintain their activity levels for longer periods of time. They do not contain caffeine, but do have sugar and electrolytes.

Energy drinks have anywhere from 2-4 or more times the amount of caffeine as a regular soda would have. Added to other ingredients, these energy drinks are touted to increase stamina and boost performance. Athletes could use these to get a little extra out of their performance, but it may not be the healthiest way to get results. Geared more towards the 18-35 age range, students and young professionals use these drinks to boost their evenings out, or to get a jolt of energy first thing in the morning.

Some popular energy drinks have ended up banned by the FDA in the United States. The infamous Four Loko, which was essentially an energy drink mixed with alcohol and came in very large cans, was banned after several people actually died after ingesting many of these beverages in short periods of time. When mixing energy drinks with alcohol numerous issues can present including dehydration and not feeling as intoxicated as you really are. The stimulant ephedrine is in many energy drinks and can cause heart problems. Because energy drinks are a fairly new concept and research on them is limited, it is recommended that young children and pregnant women to not consume them.

The American Pastime of Sports

Nothing says America like it’s national sport of baseball and nothing is as exciting as lacing up the cleats picking up your bat and walking out to home plate. The feel of the sun beating down on your back, the sweat in your eyes and the faint smell of dust in the air; there is no wonder that they call baseball “America’s past time.” As deeply rooted as baseball is to the fabric of America baseball is not the only sport that’s so deeply routed into our psyche.

As American is baseball is, motor sports is equally as American. Auto racing began simultaneously with the advent of the automobile. Racing on the sand dunes of the Jersey shore to racing across the salt flats, drag racing has remained a unique American sport that has lasted for generations. Grass roots racers enjoy hot weekends under the sun wearing their own form of sport sunglasses as they tune their engines, rev their motors and take their car down the quarter mile track in a competition that creates a level of excitement unseen in any other sport. Although drag racing has seen it’s fair share of time in other counties it shares a spot on the American sporting legacy that will go on for centuries to come. It’s a sport that has evolved to include motorcycles, boats and even tractors! It will surely adapt to anything modern technology can throw its way!

Another uniquely American sport has been the sport of professional bowling. Popular since the 50’s bowling has been the sport of the beer drinker for a very long time! Many a men would put on their shoes, grab their ball and head to the alley to show off their skills in an effort for that elusive 300. Although you can likely find a bowling ally in just about any country, it’s roots belong to the good old USA!

The most common sport after baseball would have to be football. This sport eclipses baseball in gross revenue each year but had exclusively remained an American sport much to the sagtrin of the NFL and NFL Europe. Sure other countries play it but it’s essentially a farm league for the NFL. You know they are wearing some cool sport sunglasses! Some may say that football has become America’s past time and it has replaced baseball as a national treasure but one thing is for certain, it is an American sport and is likely to remain that way for a long time to come.

No matter what sport you enjoy the most it’s undeniable as to the influence the United Stated of America has had on the sporting world. We continue to lead the way when it comes to innovative sports such as Slamball, extreme sports and ore traditional sports such as baseball and football. You can rest assured that, if it can be thrown, raced or launched someone in America will figure out a way to turn it into a sport.